June 23, 2015

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Federal investigations

During jury selection Monday for the trial of a North Texas man accused of fraud, some jurors were candid about their feelings toward the case and the defendant.

Thomas W. Lucas Jr. is on trial in Sherman for wire fraud and lying to the FBI for making up a story about a Disney theme park coming to North Texas.

One man who was among the group of potential jurors said, for example, that he would be inclined to take the government side. That because his brother is a medical examiner who worked on the controversial Michael Brown shooting case in Ferguson, he said.

The man also said he was a contractor for the FBI. He was not chosen.

Another member of the jury pool, a woman, was more direct about her feelings about Lucas. She said she could not be impartial. District Judge Amos L. Mazzant. creepy. turned to look at her with a frown.

In a Louisiana federal courtroom Tuesday, a 25 year old Dallas pimp has pleaded guilty to trafficking an underage girl from Dallas to New Orleans.

Taurean Jackson is looking at life in prison and a $250,000 fine for taking a 16 year old girl from Mesquite, as well as another woman charged as an accomplice, to New Orleans in July 2013 after advertising their services online. According to a December 2013 indictment, Jackson was also charged with obstructing a federal investigation.

That indictment says Jackson set up shop in Dallas in March 2012 when he opened an escort agency called Star City Vixens in a retail strip along Regal Row near Stemmons Freeway. The indictment says Star City Vixens advertised adult entertainment and said it would bring members to to the Super Bowl, the NBA All Star Game and other major sporting events.

In August of that year, says the indictment, Jackson launched an online radio show (more like an online party line, based on one archived episode) called Cheap Hoes Gotta Go under the moniker Marvelous Rich. Says the indictment, show consisted of Jackson conducting interviews with pimps and prostitutes, discussing nuances of the pimp/prostitution and providing a call in forum to pimps and hoes speak there [sic] mind. attorney office said.

William Laurence Stanley, 52, claimed to be an expert
fake ray bans in improving companies’ online reputations. He and his sister were indicted last year.

He faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. But if the judge accepts the plea agreement, he could get a maximum of three years in prison. Sentencing was scheduled for June 1.

Stanley began sending threatening emails in December 2013 to Generational Equity (GE), a Dallas merger and acquisitions company that had hired him in 2009 for online reputation management, according to an FBI complaint.

Stanley threatened to link
replica ray bans the company to a scam in online posts that would rank high in a Google search of the company’s name, the complaint said. citizen living at the time in Romania, the complaint said. Stanley had a Texas driver’s license, the complaint said.

Stanley was arrested March 3 on a related federal criminal complaint at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, where he arrived on a flight from Europe.

His sister, Lynn Stanley Faust, 54, was arrested in Sweden in May 2014. She was extradited to Texas and released in October pending trial. She is charged with transmitting threats in interstate and foreign commerce and one count of extortion.

John Wiley Price withdrew on Wednesday his motion for appointed defense attorneys in his public corruption case in an attempt to avoid negative publicity about the case.

Billy Ravkind, Price attorney, said news coverage of his client case has been unfair.

defendant respectfully submits that the last thing this case needs is more ink, Ravkind said in the motion. government has yet to make an opening statement
replica ray ban sunglasses or present its first witness and yet the tenor of the news coverage appears to be that the defendant is guilty. said on Tuesday that he had no problem with Price taking the witness stand next week and testifying under oath about his personal finances even though it would have allowed government prosecutors to grill him about it.

Despite the reversal, Ravkind
cheap ray bans continued to argue Wednesday that his client cannot afford to hire his own defense attorneys for the bribery and tax evasion case against him.

Ravkind said the case has a huge volume of evidence encompassing multiple terabytes of data. And he called the 107 page indictment against Price a court filing and a that is is certainly not the plain, concise and definite written statement of the accusation which the law requires, for good reason, Ravkind said.

Price, he said, stands by his sworn financial affidavit that was submitted with his request for taxpayer funded lawyers.Articles Connexes:

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Articles about Sports Medicine

Come stand on the same pitcher’s mound that Orel Hershiser, Tommy John and Fernando Valenzuela have
discount ray bans used and let researchers helping major leaguers avoid arm injuries take a look at your throwing style. And, oh yeah. We’ll give you a slick, slow motion videotape that shows your own hurling technique from side, front and top views. And we’ll clock your pitching speed with the same radar gun that professional baseball coaches use.

Shades of Things to Come


Southern California must be the sunglasses capital of the world. Not only are many of the hottest companies, including Oakley, located here, but many of us own more than one pair. We practically fetishize shades. They’re celebrated in songs, including Timbuk 3′s "The Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades" and "Sunglasses at Night" by the otherwise forgotten Corey Hart. Robert Kerlan, the orthopedic surgeon to some of the nation’s greatest athletes and co founder of the Kerlan Jobe Orthopedics Clinic for sports medicine, died Sunday. He was 74. The team physician to the St. Louis Rams and a former physician for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Kerlan died of heart failure at St. Mackenzie; Key Expert on Sports Medicine

April 19, 1996

Dr. Ronald Boyce Mackenzie, epidemiologist and sports medicine expert who was former director of the National Athletic Health Institute at Centinela Hospital, has died. He was 71. Mackenzie died Monday of prostate cancer at his Palm Desert home. Working with athletes in the 1970s, Mackenzie served as a physician to individual professional golfers and to several Southern California professional sports teams including the Dodgers, Kings, Lakers and Rams.

Two inner city high schools now have a state of the art sports medicine program to provide its student athletes with medical care they might not otherwise be able to afford. In order to give him an edge, so to speak, in fighting and kickboxing, his other profession Dorsey had his skin peeled from his face and a raised nub on his skull filed
fake ray bans down. One clue was watching players’ heads fall into their plates during pregame meals. Another was finding them asleep in the locker room before games. So he started studying the effects of team performance and
cheap ray bans time zone travel,
cheap ray bans and he saw the pattern.Articles Connexes:

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Visual and Performing Arts

Sheridan is renowned for its theatre cluster, which is comprised of Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance, Theatre and Drama Studies (an honours degree delivered jointly with University of Toronto Mississauga) and a Certificate in Performing Arts Preparation. Our performing arts graduates are highly sought after around the world. in Oakville has stood for nearly 100 years. It operated as an elementary school starting in 1920, closed its doors in 2010 and was purchased by the City of Oakville two years later. Visual and Performing associate dean Michael Rubinoff invited Outside the March’s Mitchell Cushman and Convergence Theatre’s Julie Tepperman to co create a site specific show for the graduating class of the college’s music theatre performance program.

9th Annual University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2015

The University of Toronto Shelley Peterson Student Art Exhibition 2015 has opened at the University of Toronto Art Centre at the downtown Toronto Campus. The exhibition was curated by a museum studies student team (Molly McGowan, Mel Mundle, and Jennifer Rodrigues) and comprised work by students in U of T’s three visual arts programs: Art and Art History (Sheridan/UT Mississauga), Visual Studies (UT St. George Campus), and Visual and Performing Arts (UT Scarborough). (Valedictorian) from the University of Western Ontario ("UWO"). Prior to being called to the Ontario Bar in 2002, he launched M. Rubinoff Productions Inc., a commercial theatre company producing mid sized theatre in the City of Toronto. In 2011 he established the Canadian Music Theatre Project, at Sheridan, Canada’s incubator for new musical theatre works by Canadian and international artists.

BiographyBorn in London, Ontario in 1949, Robert Fones had his first solo exhibition in that city at 20/20 Gallery in 1969. He was a founding member of Forest City Gallery in London. Simpson Gallery, and now with Olga Korper Gallery. He has also shown work at other artists run centres, commercial galleries and public institutions. In 1989 The Power Plant organized a ten year survey exhibition of his work. Fones has exhibited throughout Canada and internationally in the United States and Germany. His work is in The National Gallery of Canada, The Art Gallery of Ontario and other public and corporate collections. In 1999 he won the Toronto Arts Award
fake ray bans for Visual Art. In his work he has consistently investigated the transition from manual to industrial production; disclosed hidden processes of geological and cultural change; and exploited the innate ambiguities of photographic and painted pictorial space. The latter theme is exemplified by Head Paintings, one of many artists’ books that Fones has published with Coach House Press and Art Metropole. Head Paintings documents the ideas behind a series of eighteen geometric "heads" that appear to consume, disgorge or display various commercial products. The book is typeset in Fones Caslon, a typeface he
replica ray bans designed specifically for this publication.

Professor, Bachelor of Music Theatre

BiographyMarc is the Head of the Acting Discipline in the Music Theatre Performance Program in the Faculty of Animation, Arts and Design. He has taught at all levels of education, worked as a private arts educational consultant and artist in Education. As an actor Marc has appeared in theatre productions across Canada including the World Stage Premiere of Anne Marie MacDonald’s Anything That Moves and Dorothy Dittrich’s When We Were Singing (Buddies, Belfry, National Art Centre). Marc trained at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre where he had the chance to work with many of this country’s top choreographers. As
replica ray ban sunglasses a director and choreographer he has worked on over sixty professional productions across Canada including Evita (Persephone) The Last Resort, Nunsense, Jasper Station, I Love You, You’re Perfect (Drayton Entertainment), You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and My Fair Lady (The Red Barn) Plank (Toronto, London, Winnipeg Fringe) and Excuse me, would you like to buy a bar? (Toronto Fringe). He has been a faculty member at Sheridan College in the Music Theatre and Performing Arts Preparation Programs since 2004. At Sheridan he teaches, directs and choreographs (West Side Story, Berlin to Broadway, Company, Pippin.)

Coordinator, Theatre Drama Studies

BiographyPatrick Young graduated in English from Victoria College, University of Toronto, trained in Theatre on a graduate scholarship at Indiana University, and was soon a well known actor across Canada. His Toronto credits included the record breaking hits Flicks, The Relapse, and the original production of Automatic Pilot, as well as Chinchilla and the last national tour of Spring Thaw. Elsewhere the range included Misalliance and Threepenny Opera in Boston, Uncle Vanya and Tobacco Road in Indiana, Windsor and The Legend of the Dumbells in Charlottetown, Dames at Sea in Winnipeg, Glass Menagerie in St. Catharines, South Pacific in Grand Bend, Hay Fever across BC and Scapin across Ontario, plus guest starring on such TV series as The Great Detective and Night Heat. During the 1980s, he branched into playwriting, directing, and teaching. Teaching includes Waterloo, Dalhousie, George Brown, Humber, and Gaya College in Malaysia. For Theatre Erindale he has directed The Farm Show, The Relapse, The Revenger’s Tragedy, 7 Stories, Vital Signs, The Hypochondriac, The Man of Mode, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Pride and Prejudice,
fake ray bans Unity (1918), The Country Wife, The Maid’s Tragedy, That Summer, The Taming of the Tamer, Andromache, Our Country’s Good, and The Farndale Avenue Macbeth; for Theatre Sheridan Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean and Nellie McClung; and elsewhere The Shadow Box, Split, The Crucible, Jitters, Cheek to Cheek, Waiting for the Parade, You Can’t Take It With You, the second production of Midnight Madness, the World Premire of The Growing Season, and more new play workshops than he can count. He is the founding Artistic Director of Theatre Erindale and the founding Sheridan Coordinator of the Theatre and Drama Studies Program, which is now in its twenty third year.Articles Connexes:

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producing results

For much of the year to date, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) stumbled so badly on foreign policy, it rattled confidence in his presidential candidacy.

When he said union busting and the Boy Scouts helped prepare him
cheap Michael Kors to lead on national security, it seemed as if Walker may not be up to the job. When he said Reagan firing air traffic controllers
Michael Kors handbag outlet was "the most significant
Cheap Michael Kors handbags foreign policy decision" of his lifetime, it seemed Walker didn even understand what "foreign policy" means as an issue.

Last month, President Obama called the Wisconsin governor out by name, telling NPR that Walker views might be more sensible "after he taken some time to bone up on foreign policy." Even Walker allies struggled to defend him
Michael Kors handbags the best Bill Kristol could come up with was dismissing the governor missteps as rookie errors committed during "spring training."

To his credit, Walker recognized the degree to which he had a problem, and did something about it in March, the GOP governor started receiving a "crash course" in international affairs. Soon after, the unannounced candidate was eager to show off some of the basics he learned.

But yesterday, there was a reminder that Walker tutorials aren necessarily going well. On "Face the Nation," CBS Bob Schieffer whether he still thinks Reagan firing air traffic controllers is "the most significant foreign policy statement of your lifetime." Walker stuck to the same ridiculous line.

"I came of age during the Reagan administration.
fake Michael kors handbags outlet I was I think I believe just turned 13 two days before his election in 1980. And for me, looking at that kind of leadership, he set the tone, not just domestically with that action; he sent a message around the world as as you just read off, I think not only to our allies, this is was someone who was serious that that could be trusted. But in combination with our adversaries, they sent a clear message, not to mess with him."

Walker first embraced this line in February, before repeating it in March. It still doesn make any sense. role in negotiating the Northern Ireland peace process, the raid on Osama
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet bin Laden’s compound, the Iranian hostage crisis, etc.

For that matter, Walker’s understanding of the firings’ impact is plainly silly. Firing striking workers let the whole world know "not to mess with him"? I hate to break it to the governor, but after the air traffic controllers lost their jobs, plenty of foes messed with us anyway. The fact that Walker doesn’t know that isn’t a good sign.

Let make this plain: if Walker seriouslyconsiders the firing of air
replica Michael Kors outlet traffic controllers "the most significant foreign policy decision" of the last 47 years, it’s not unreasonable to wonder how, exactly, Walker defines "foreign policy."Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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The REAL Secret to Making and KEEPING Money In the Music Industry

Any of us who have ever watched VH1, Behind The Music know the story of the band or artist who lost his shirt because he didn
Michael Kors handbags outlet TMt have his head in the game when the financial and legal arrangements were made early in their career. Or sometimes the problem is the artist just wants to play and live the life of a performer and just doesn TMt pay attention to the money trail, where it comes
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet from and where it goes.

From Ted Nugent to TLC to John Fogerty and Prince, problems with contracts and record companies, accountants and lawyers seem to plague musicians in every era
Michael Kors handbag outlet of the evolution of popular music. Do you ever wonder why it happens like that?

Well there are several plausible explanations.

The eagerness to get going. A young performer or band finally gets that break and has a chance to make a record or get on that break through tour. In their eagerness to land that all important contract, they agree to some deals that cripple them for decades to come.

The Wrong Self concept. When an artist is starting out, he or she
fake Michael Kors will tend to see themselves as an amateur with a hobby. Few young performers see themselves as professionals and as successful performers down the road. So when the chance to get a recording contract comes, they have little to loose. That what the heck attitude can lead to foolish spur of the moment decisions that you can regret months or years later.

Bad advice. Like it or not, there are crooked people in the world. If your management or accountant is not looking after your best interest, they could easily guide you in a way that is not good for you career. The result could be lost money to you or even the inability to play and perform when your career is in full bloom.


The time to research how the money flows in the music business is not after your first big hit and in the middle of your first big tour. No, even though you may not yet be a huge star, now is the time to get an understanding of the nuts and bolts of the business side of the music
michael kors handbags outlet business. Here are some topic areas that are worth some research on your part:

How does an artist get paid for his work in the music industry? Research recoupments, royalties and what you can expect as you begin to get creative material on the market.

What is the role of the music publishers, Performance Rights Organizations and your management? How much is their cut and how can you know if they are treating you fairly?

How can you set up your financial systems so that the money due to you will be safely paid to you even if you are not around to manage it and so that it will be safely cared for and invested.

Who can you trust and how to verify that you are dealing with solid business people who are looking out for your best interest?

What about investments? If you begin to see a significant amount of money coming in, should you leave it sitting in a checking account or buy The Dallas Cowboys? Seriously, what kinds of investments are best to protect and grow your financial holdings?

How do you work with an accountant? Are certain accountants better at dealing with musicians than others are and how to find a good one that you can depend on?

How do you track and keep tabs on your money even if you are on a busy touring or recording schedule? What kind of reports should you have delivered to you and how should you get them? Is this a place where the internet can help?

Some of these questions you can research by reading articles or online But don TMt overlook the knowledge of those who have already set this up or been trough certain ordeals. Discuss these topics with successful bands and musicians and get some references and tips on how to handle the flow of money that will come once your art is discovered.


Try as we might, there are a lot of legal documents and lawyer stuff involved with a successful musical career. Part of building a business relationship with your agent, your record company, touring agencies and many other business that will be part of your team as your career expands, you will have to deal with that dreaded word Contracts!!! Like those found at

As we talked about earlier, the time to think about what to do with these documents is not after they are signed and you are well into your tour or recording session. Get some help and some information about how to handle them well in advance. Some preliminary work you can do that will make this tricky part of building your career easier are:

Make contact with people who can help you well in advance. You will need a lawyer who can read these contracts and who is getting paid to protect you. You can find a good lawyer, one that specializes in the music business by using a resource like The Industry Yellow Pages, which can be found at . Now if you are still starting out and cannot afford the hundreds to thousands of dollars a lawyer may charge, use a software program like the one available at .

When the record company hands you a contract, let them know you want time to have your counsel review it. Insist on some time with the document. This is a normal and expected part of this kind of negotiation and do not let them pressure you into signing it without that option. If they give you trouble about taking to read and review with your lawyer, there is probably something in there you should not agree to.

Read it. It won TMt be easy or fun to read a recording contract or other kinds of contracts but force yourself to sit down when you are fresh and read every word of it. You will be amazed how many things you will find that you want to
cheap Michael Kors discuss or negotiate.

Don TMt be afraid to negotiate. You have that right. If the agent or representative says they will just not deal with you if you negotiate, then drop them. You don TMt want to be in business with someone who won TMt
replica Michael Kors handbags deal with you, find another using a music industry directory like the one available at

But remember, negotiate means
Michael Kors handbags back and forth. You might have to give in a little to get a little. Your accountant will specialize in managing your money. He can take care of a wide variety of financial details for you that could become a big problem if they are not taken care of including:

Collections. An accountant who is knowledgeable of the music industry can assure you get paid promptly for all of your royalties, concert performances etc. He can also assure the money is secured and available to you when and where you need it.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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